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2 Week Commercial Hard Money and Bridge Loan Criteria and Rates

Loan Size – $50 K to $10 Million

Collateral – Free and clear or very low mortgage balance on existing commercial buildings. You will use this as Equity to get a Fast cash-out Refinance in 14 days or less. Or Commercial Hard and Private Money Purchase you must put 50% Down.

Rates: On Florida Commercial Loans 9% to 12%

Terms: 1/3/5/7 years

Documentation Type: Equity Driven, Stated, Bank Statements, Lite Documentation, Rent Rolls Leases

LTV: on Straight Hard money and Private Money Commercial Loans is 55%

Fees: No upfront fees You may need to pay for your appraisal and you commercial insurance

  • Brokers can Make 1 to 2 points
  • Points is up to 2 to 3 points charged
  • Unlike many commercial Investors, we NEVER charge any due diligence fees (only required fee may be appraisal fee paid directly to the commercial appraiser).
  • No site visit fees

We use your equity and do not charge any upfront fee to view your property. We pride ourselves on experience, honestly trust, and Investing values to basis our decisions on the merits of you deal and we don’t need additional upfront fees to review a quality property.

Commitment Time would be up to 72 Hours. Once the commitment is issued, financing up can be as little as another 7 days for HARD MONEY COMMERCIAL DEALS ONLY WITH EQUITY.

Items Needed to Close your Commercial Loan

  • Fill out your Application.
  • Have pictures of your property.
  • Copy of All leases if income producing.
  • 12 months of bank statements.
  • Copy of A purchase Contract.
  • Copy of your Survey.
  • Copy of your articles of incorporation if it applies.
  • Information on you property taxes.
  • Reason for the Cashout.
  • Short explantion about your credit.
  • One Business reference or client.
  • Copy of your franchisee agreement.
  • Information about you property appraisers building and land information that will help our underwriting team.
  • Any liens or judgments you might have outstanding.

Private investors you must show us your license

If it is a true hard money equity driven commercial deal with clear title. You can ideally close in less than two weeks assuming all your income documentation checks out. When time is of the essence we will move mountains to get your deal financed.

Our favorite Investing areas include all of Florida. We target the largest Metro Cities like Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Fort Myers, Sarasota, Ft Lauderdale, Daytona, Boca Raton, Jacksonville and much more.

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