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Shop Commercial Mortgage Caters to Commercial Borrowers

At Shop Commercial Mortgage, we offer the largest Florida commercial Hard Money Programs catering to commercial borrowers who own property, many times free and clear paid off commercial real estate and can’t get a traditional bank loan. They will use the equity in their free and clear mixed use, retail space, office building, strip center, office condo, gas station, warehouse, self storage to pull cash out super fast less than 30 day closing time unlike the old banks that or not flexible for those commercial borrowers with bruised credit.

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Fix and Flip a Property with a Hard Money Loan

“Fix and flip” property management refers to the practice of buying distressed properties at a discount, making necessary repairs, and quickly reselling them to show a profit. It is a popular method for those with home construction or repair expertise. If you have a fix and flip property in your sights but don’t have the funds to purchase it quickly, Shop Commercial Mortgage can help with a hard money loan.

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Let Us Help You Obtain a Small Balance Commercial Loan

Small balance commercial properties can be an incredible investment opportunity. If you are a Florida real estate investor, or you want to become a real estate investor, consider getting involved with small balance commercial properties. To learn more about this investment opportunity and how Shop Commercial Mortgage can help you get involved, keep reading.

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Three Ways to Get Funds for Real Estate Investing

Real estate investment can offer a positive way to make some money, but like any business venture, it can take some money to make it. You have to have a capital fund to purchase that first business parcel and have added funds to renovate and pay taxes until it is sold. This can be difficult if you are self-employed or are not mentioned in the will of a rich relative. There are some ways to get funds for real estate investing, and here are three of them.

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Halloween Might be Scary, but Hard Money Lenders Aren’t!

Hard money lenders sometimes get a bad name. Usually, when you think of money lenders, you think of people you meet in dark alleys. They are big, tall, scary men who deal in the shadows. In reality, hard money lenders are nothing like that. They are business people who are in the money business to help out business and property owners. If you think that a hard money lender might be able to help you and your business, here’s more information. 

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Invest in Real Estate without Big Down Payments

You may be an experienced property investor or just starting to look at investing. In either case, cash is not always available to quickly secure a desired property before another investor snatches it up. But there are ways to invest in real estate without having to use your own cash, and one of them is a hard money loan from Shop Commercial Mortgage.

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Fund Your Business with Cash-Out Refinancing

Mortgage refinancing is often used by consumers to obtain a lower interest rate when the market is favorable. But there is a way to get cash out of your home or investment property to fund an existing business or even create a new one. Here is how cash-out refinancing from Shop Commercial Mortgage can be an important funding source.

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"I just closed a commercial loan in St. Petersburg. A 16 unit apartment complex for $100,000 at 11.5% interest. It was a free and clear equity driven low documentation refi with no appraisal so it closed fast!"

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