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Have you been turned down for a commercial loan? If you have, you probably feel discouraged and lost. There’s no need to feel this way though. At Shop Commercial Mortgage, we know exactly how to help those who have been turned down for commercial loans. To learn more about the steps you can take, just continue reading.

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Shop Commercial Mortgage specializes in Florida self-employed customers who have trouble qualifying for conventional financing. Our investor network is ready to help you when the banks turn you down. Here are some of the advantages of dealing with Shop Commercial Mortgage:

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Tampa Commercial Real Estate investors don’t have the time or patience to wait for conventional financing, and in many cases, the banks won’t finance speculative property or real estate flips. Shop Commercial Mortgage has an investor network ready to provide financing without all the cumbersome credit checks and endless paperwork.

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Are you an Orlando area real estate investor who has less than perfect credit or has been turned down by conventional lenders? Stop fighting a losing battle with them, come to Shop Commercial Mortgage and let our investors put your equity to work. Orlando has millions of visitors each year looking for rental property for their vacations, and perhaps you want to tap into that market with an investment vacation property. If you have no history with commercial property rentals the banks won’t likely underwrite you. This is where hard money can help.

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Jacksonville area real estate investors and commercial businesses are tired of the red tape dealing with conventional banks for financing. You have another option by looking at hard money financing from Shop Commercial Mortgage!

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Miami continues to offer commercial business growth, and even self-employed small commercial businesses can take advantage of opportunities there. The problem is that smaller businesses are often turned down for commercial loans either due to lack of credit or lack of interest by the banks to support small business.

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Commercial borrowing can be full of barriers and pitfalls. Most business owners don’t have ready cash needed to expand, move to a better location, or purchase equipment. For any number of reasons commercial lenders may be reluctant to provide financing and the owner ends up stuck. Shop Commercial Mortgage has commercial bridge loans available for owners with free and clear equity in commercial properties.

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At Shop Commercial Mortgage, we specialize in self-employed borrowers. We know that borrowing as a self-employed individual creates challenges, but we can accommodate your needs. Let us help you today.

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If you have been interested in using hard or private money for your next commercial loan, you may have some questions about how this loan system works. Here is a quick tutorial on hard money loans:

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Commercial bridge loans are an alternative to traditional loans. This type of loan is gaining popularity, and many investors are turning to commercial bridge loans. For three reasons why investors are turning to commercial bridge loans, continue reading.

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