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At Shop Commercial Mortgage, we specialize in self-employed borrowers. We know that borrowing as a self-employed individual creates challenges, but we can accommodate your needs. Let us help you today.

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If you have been interested in using hard or private money for your next commercial loan, you may have some questions about how this loan system works. Here is a quick tutorial on hard money loans:

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Commercial bridge loans are an alternative to traditional loans. This type of loan is gaining popularity, and many investors are turning to commercial bridge loans. For three reasons why investors are turning to commercial bridge loans, continue reading.

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If you’re a self-employed borrower, you know how difficult it can be to earn approval for financing. However, at Shop Commercial Mortgage, we specialize in self-employed borrowers with less than perfect credit. We can help you get the loan you need, no matter your means of income or your credit history.

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Seeking a loan for a commercial reason? If so, a commercial mortgage is perfect for you. Learn what a commercial mortgage is all about by continuing on with this blog post.

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Shop Commercial Mortgage provides commercial hard money loans for apartments, office buildings, restaurants, warehouses, hotels, and other commercial properties. Our loans are secured by free and clear equity in the properties which do not have existing mortgages or only small balances remaining on the principal mortgage. There are different types of commercial hard money loans which Shop Commercial Mortgage can provide (all are for Florida or nationwide unless stated):

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If you have a commercial property investment, you have accumulated equity available for additional property purchases, renovations, or expansions. Shop Commercial Mortgage can help get you that equity using a hard money commercial loan.

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Paying off a hard money loan is the goal of every property owner, yet it can require several steps by the borrower to prevent problems. In many cases, a hard money loan was obtained to pay off a private mortgage. Some private lenders may have problems offering a clear payoff amount which allows the borrower to obtain a new loan. Shop Commercial Mortgage makes this process simple by carefully tracking your loan details, and we will work with private lenders when needed to clarify a payoff amount.

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Are you in need of commercial mortgage refinancing? If you are, there is a lot to know before moving on with a loan company. For what you should know about commercial mortgage refinancing, just continue reading.

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Are you a business owner who recently attempted to borrow money against your commercial property? If you are, you were probably shocked to see the results. Commercial investors charge high-interest rates because their tolerance for risk is far lower than consumer investors. Commercial investors are picky because they don’t have government loan protections.

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