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Working with a conventional bank can be a stressor, especially when seeking a commercial mortgage. Instead of going the bank route, consider seeking commercial mortgage services from Shop Commercial Mortgage. Help fund your next commercial property purchase with our help at Shop Commercial Mortgage! Learn why we are an ideal choice by reading on.

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Persons dealing in commercial properties may be familiar with commercial bridge loans, but if you are new to the commercial property field you should consider the use of a commercial bridge loan from Shop Commercial Mortgage. Here’s some information about them:

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Sometimes it is difficult for self-employed individuals to get approval for a loan. If you don’t have pay stubs from an employer or proof of an annual salary, lenders may be hesitant to approve you. That is why commercial loans are so appealing to self-employed people. Learn how to receive approval for a commercial loan as a self-employed person by continuing on with this blog post.

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Those searching for commercial properties and real estate may have heard the term “commercial hard money lending” during their property search. If you’re interested in financing your commercial real estate purchases but want to avoid taking out a traditional loan, commercial hard money lending is an appealing option.

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Investment properties are an excellent investment option for those interested in real estate. If you’ve heard about investment properties, or are interested in buying an investment property of your own, the following blog post can teach you how to find properties in today’s market.

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New business owners or entrepreneurs may encounter refusal from a bank when seeking financing for their company. If this has happened to you, you’re not alone. There are many alternatives to business financing though, so read on to learn more about how you can access the funds you need to support your growing business.

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A poor credit score shouldn’t stop you from getting a real estate loan. It can be difficult to find loan providers who are willing to work with you when you have a less than perfect credit score, but that can all change with Shop Commercial Mortgage. If you’re in need of a real estate loan, but having a difficult timegetting a loan near Tampa, continue reading this blog post to learn how Shop Commercial Mortgage can help.

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Private money lenders are not commercial banks. They are very good at issuing loans for short-term uses by commercial customers, and residential borrowers in some cases. Some of the opportunities for private money include:

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Credit is not the primary consideration for obtaining a loan with Shop Commercial Mortgage, but we wish to keep our customers informed of changes in credit reporting and how lenders use this information. There are three major changes; trended credit, credit utilization, and credit inquiries. Let’s look at each of them and how they may impact you.

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People may use the terms “hard money” and “private money” interchangeably when discussing loan options. Although there are similarities, there are also differences you should be aware of when choosing financing options.

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