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Getting a loan for your business can be exciting because you will have the funds to improve your existing business or perhaps purchase a new property for expansion. The downside is that the commercial loan process is significantly different from a residential loan familiar to most business owners. Continue reading “What to Expect When Applying for a Commercial Mortgage Loan” »

When you apply for a mortgage or loan you may hear the word “collateral” used by the lender. What is “collateral” and what is its purpose? Let’s look at the use of collateral in loan processing.

Continue reading “What is Collateral and How Does it Work?” »

When your business needs to grow, you will be entering the commercial real estate market. Part of the process, once you have an idea of the property you need, is to secure a commercial real estate loan. It may sound easy but it’s not quite the same as obtaining a mortgage for your home.

Continue reading “How Commercial Real Estate Loans Work” »

Shop Commercial Mortgage is not your typical commercial mortgage lender. We offer many advantages over conventional commercial lenders, with the primary advantages being the ability to get commercial lending without credit or if you are self-employed. There are many others:

Continue reading “Advantages of Doing Business With Shop Commercial Mortgage” »

Shop Commercial Mortgage can normally provide money to approved borrowers in two weeks. To get a better understanding of our loan criteria and terms, they are summarized below:

Continue reading “Florida Commercial Loan Criteria and Terms” »

There are many good reasons why a commercial investment firm is a better choice than conventional lending when dealing with commercial property. Let’s review some of them:

Continue reading “Reasons to Use Commercial Investors to Refinance and Purchase Your Commercial Property” »

Commercial property owners may need to refinance their commercial mortgage for a number of reasons. These can include:

Continue reading “Refinancing Commercial Mortgages and Other Business Debt” »

Owners of commercial properties should consider refinancing with Shop Commercial Mortgage as interest rates remain at relatively low levels this year. If you have an older mortgage with a higher interest rate, you can refinance and save money. Continue reading “What You Need to Know About Commercial Mortgage Refinance” »

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If you run a business or are starting a new one, you may be having trouble securing a commercial loan because of a low credit rating or a lack of established credit as a new business owner. Continue reading “Can I Get a Commercial Loan With Bad Credit?” »

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Commercial mortgages are often needed by property owners for either purchasing additional properties or renovating to keep the existing property in top condition for their rental clients. Continue reading “Commercial Real Estate Loans: How to Find the Right Commercial Mortgage” »

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