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Naples Commercial Hard Money Loans | Florida Private Loan

Has your commercial loan request been turned down by the banks? Banks work very hard to eliminate all but the very highest tier clients because they have a very low-risk tolerance. Continue reading “Get a Commercial Hard Money Loan When the Bank Turned You Down” »

Tampa Private Money | FL Commercial Mortgage

There are lots of real estate opportunities out there, but for investors, the hardest part can be finding the money to put into a real estate investment. For many of us, that money is sitting right under our noses. If you own a home and have been paying off your mortgage, you have home equity. Continue reading “How to Invest in Real Estate Using Your Home Equity” »

FL Commercial Mortgage | Florida Private Money

There is nothing like the freedom of being your own boss. Sipping your coffee in the cozy quarters of your home while in your PJ’s. Doesn’t get better than this, right? While being self-employed offers many benefits, it can make other milestones more difficult to attain. Continue reading “How to Get a Mortgage When Self-Employed” »

FL Private Commercial Refinance | Florida Mortgage Loans

There may be times when you need money sooner rather than later and the commercial banks let you down. This may be the perfect opportunity to consider hard money lending. You obtain your money fast, typically in two weeks or less, and the paperwork requirements are far less onerous than required by the banks.

Continue reading “If “Hard” Money Alternative Financing is Something You are Looking For, You’ve Got to Read This ASAP!” »

Florida Private Money | FL Commercial Mortgage

It can be difficult for self-employed borrowers to obtain mortgage financing. Unlike a salaried employee of a company, the self-employed borrower won’t have a regular pay stub to show their income. Shop Commercial Mortgage can overcome these barriers and help self-employed borrowers get the money they need.

Continue reading “Florida Self Employed Mortgage Loans for Borrowers” »

Florida Commercial Mortgage | Miami Private Money

At Shop Commercial Mortgage, our investor network is looking for opportunities to put their money to work providing you loans against the equity in a commercial property. Our investors secure their investment against that equity, allowing you to get the money you need even if you have less than ideal credit, a bankruptcy, or a previous foreclosure in your record.

Continue reading “Types of Commercial Properties for Hard Money Loans” »

FL Commercial Private Money Loans | Florida Mortgage Loan

If you are reluctant to obtain a hard money loan because of legendary stories about predatory practices, rest assured that those days are long gone. Hard money lending by private investors is well recognized as a legitimate way for owners to get cash for growing their business. If you aren’t familiar with hard money lending, let’s review some of the basics.

Continue reading “Hard Money 101: Everything You Need to Know About Getting Started With Hard Money Loans” »

FL Commercial Private Money Loans | Florida Mortgage Loan

Shop Commercial Mortgage has investors looking for opportunities with owners of strip centers. How many times have you as an owner looking for conventional loans to upgrade your strip center, replace aging equipment, or renovate to attract new renters? You put up with onerous paperwork, delays, extended approval times, income verifications, and on and on. Continue reading “Get a Hard and Private Money Strip Center Loan Today!” »

FL Commercial Bridge Loans | Florida Private Money

Do you need to upgrade to a larger home, but have not yet sold your current home? Bridge this gap with a bridge loan. A bridge loan is a perfect way to cover costs while you shop for a new home before you’ve sold your current property. Bridge loans are usually short-term, lasting between six and 12 months. Continue reading “Bridge Real Estate Loans” »

FL Commercial Private Money Loans | Florida Private Mortgage

Commercial hard money can be used to your advantage if you own a commercial building and need money not available through conventional loans, or perhaps needed more rapidly than would occur with conventional financing. Often hard money can be obtained in 10-21 days with less paperwork than conventional loans, so keep it in mind as you look for financing.

Continue reading “Benefits of Commercial Private Hard Money Investing” »

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