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Tampa Self Employed Investors | Florida Commercial Mortgage Investing

If you are looking for a Tampa Hard Money Loan from an experienced underwriting team of professionals then Shop Commercial Mortgage is here for you. We provide a quick validations within 24-48 hours, closing times in 21 days or less and save you money. We can help you gain more financial privileges, close more loans, provide more accurate quotes, with a faster closing and no upfront fees.

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Florida Commercial Loans | Tampa Hard Money Investors

We are serving private money, bridge loans, and FL commercial Loans in Tampa, Orlando and the Fort Lauderdale surrounding areas. We are looking for commercial properties equity driven, for self-employed borrowers who have credit issues and can’t show all their income. Typically, when Commercial Real Estate is mentioned people tend to only think about the obvious shopping centers, warehouses or office buildings but the commercial real estate industry is more precise when defining the several different property types.

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Ft Lauderdale Hard Money Investors | Florida Commercial Mortgages

Loan officers and mortgage Investors work hard for their clients, and failure is not an option. If banks have turned your clients down for a Florida commercial loan, is there for you with the largest portfolio of hard and private money niche programs in Florida and even the California areas! You should contact us because first and foremost, we offer fast service and same day answers. We know that time is of the essence for your clients. Here are a few other Continue reading “What to Expect From Shop Commercial Mortgage!” »

Jacksonville Private Commercial Investing | Florida Equity Loan

Shop Commercial Mortgage specializes in equity driven loans for borrowers looking to refinance or purchase commercial property. If you are self-employed, have blemished credit, or have income verification problems, working with Shop Commercial Mortgage offers many advantages over traditional bank loans. Because hard money is primarily equity based, doing business with Shop Commercial Mortgage and their pool of Hedge Finance and Private Capital investors means more loan endorsements, more Continue reading “Advantages & Highlights of Doing Business with Shop Commercial” »

Florida Private Commercial Investor | Jacksonville Hard Money Loans

There are several types of commercial hard money loans. The major differences are whether the loan is secured by physical property, a record of successful business, or an excellent credit rating. Let’s look at each type.

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Orlando Hard and Private Money Loans | Florida Home Equity Loan

Applying for a Florida hard and private money loan with AHL Hard Money Loans is easier than you think. While banks offer a long and tedious process filled with stress, AHL is different. AHL is not a lender but rather your connection to private investors and companies. Hard and private money loans are offered to owners of free and clear property. The amount of the loan is based on the value of the property used as collateral. While credit, income, and other factors are analyzed, remember that the primary qualifying factor is the value of the real estate you are putting up as collateral.

AHL’s website is the place to get started. Click on the “company” tab and then the “start today” prompt. You’ll find the Florida Hard Money Loan/ Florida Cash Out Refinance form. AHL needs to know about your loan needs. Use the pull-down menu to give the reason for the loan as well as the property value and loan amount requested. Next, you’ll type in your contact information. Then, describe your credit history simply by selecting from the pull-down menu. Finally, type anything else you’d like AHL to know or consider. Submit for private investors to review and approve. Not ready yet? AHL’s homepage offers a chat now option or allows you to enter your contact info to request more information.

When you have equity but don’t qualify for a conventional loan, a hard money loan may be the solution you’re looking for. Let AHL help you get started today.

Tampa Self Employed Borrowers | Florida Commercial Loans

Company combines motivated Investors with state-of-the-art technology to provide five-star service

Private money investors are now seeking apartments, strip centers, office buildings, mixed-use and multi-family properties for 21-day-or-less commercial closings.’s hard money commercial partners have earmarked $50-$75 million each month for commercial deals. Loan to values will go to 65 percent, with a niche for $50K to $10 million.
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Florida Commercial Loans | Jacksonville Private Commercial Investing

We offer the largest selection strip center anchored and non-anchored loan programs in Florida and the country. When Investors, Realtors, Direct Clients seeking to refinance or purchase a new strip center in Florida and Nationwide, Atalanta, New York, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Orlando, Boca, Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, Chicago. Banks or not Investing on small or large strip center loans if the borrowers or less self-employed or have a few income or credit issues. We have closed many transactions for our clients and offer small and large strip center mortgages, financing, and loans 100k to 10 million.
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Orlando Commercial Hard & Private Money Loans | Florida Private Investor

At AHL Hard Money Resources we lead the country and Florida in providing the very best selection of small balance apartment hard and Florida private money loan programs and financing for self-employed apartment owners who have tried getting a bank loan and have been turned down by the banks. We realize the financial demands and stress of owning an apartment complex if it 5 units, 10 units, 15 units, 20 units, 25 units up to 50 units. We can help you get the hard and private money apartment loan you need to improve your property, to rehab your apartment complex, to update your apartment complex so you can increase your rents and add value to your bottom line and increase your rent rolls.
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Miami Commercial Loan Programs | Florida Private Money Investors

At AHL we pride ourselves on being a leader in offering the largest and best selection of commercial loan programs in Florida and Nationwide. The market for Alt – A Commercial Investing has grown as 90% of all commercial borrowers are self-employed. As the banks have gotten tighter on their underwriting guidelines on commercial loans they have purged their balances sheets of many under preforming commercial loans. What has happened is that we have a huge pool of good commercial borrowers who might not be able to show their income, prove their income on their tax returns because they depreciate everything to get tax breaks.
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