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Why Should You Consider a Commercial Hard Money Loan?

Are you a business owner in need of some financial assistance? If so, you may be struggling to receive a traditional bank loan. Maybe a bank is going to take too long, or perhaps you are having a hard time getting approved. Instead of receiving a bank loan for your commercial needs, read on to learn why you should consider a commercial hard money loan.

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There are many advantages to commercial hard money loans. For example, commercial money loans are processed quicker than traditional bank loans. This means you can get the money you need right away, allowing you to run your business as smoothly as possible. Another perk to commercial hard money loans is that these loans are driven by equity. You may be struggling to receive a bank loan because of your credit score. If you have less than favorable credit, a commercial hard money lender can look beyond that and evaluate your loan amount based on your equity and property.

With a commercial hard money loan, there are little to no upfront fees. That means you can get the money you need, when you need it, without having to make any immediate payments. Commercial hard money loans are made with your needs in mind. Don’t worry about roadblocks or bank hassles when you receive a commercial hard money loan.

If you are seeking a commercial hard money loan, allow us at Shop Commercial Mortgage to help. Whether you need a loan because the banks turned you down, you have less than perfect credit, you have recent bankruptcies, or you have income verification issues, we can help you get the loan you deserve. You can get in touch with our team by giving us a call or sending us a text to 813-516-5210. We here at Shop Commercial Mortgage look forward to hearing from you soon!

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"I just closed a commercial loan in St. Petersburg. A 16 unit apartment complex for $100,000 at 11.5% interest. It was a free and clear equity driven low documentation refi with no appraisal so it closed fast!"

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