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Halloween Might be Scary, but Hard Money Lenders Aren’t!

Hard money lenders sometimes get a bad name. Usually, when you think of money lenders, you think of people you meet in dark alleys. They are big, tall, scary men who deal in the shadows. In reality, hard money lenders are nothing like that. They are business people who are in the money business to help out business and property owners. If you think that a hard money lender might be able to help you and your business, here’s more information. 

What Is a Hard Money Lender?

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Hard money lending isn’t a description of a person, it is a description of a type of financing. Hard money lenders lend business and commercial property owners money using land as collateral for a loan. Many businesses find hard money lenders are flexible and willing to discuss options. Businesses turn to hard money lenders when they cannot borrow the money they need from traditional lenders. If you are a new business, getting the money you need for capital expenses is difficult. Until you have an established business, banks and other traditional lenders are reluctant to lend you money. 

Even though the term hard money lenders sound horrible, the term actually comes from the practice of using property as collateral. Hard money lenders are not in the practice of lending for the long term, but they lend money for the short term. They are a great resource to have if you find yourself short of money to make changes in your business, to hire new employees, or to buy equipment and machinery you need to keep moving forward. The hard money lenders in the movies might be scary, but in reality, these lenders can offer you a lifeline. 

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