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Shop Commercial Mortgage wants to get you the commercial loan you need. We connect you with investors who want to give you a commercial loan based on or secured by your clear equity on a commercial building. There are many advantages to a hard and private money loan, including easy underwriting, and a quick closing of 21 days or less, so you don’t have to wait 90 days. There is specific loan criteria based on the loan size.

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If you are interested in a loan size of $50,000 to $10 million, you must have a free and clear or very low mortgage balance on an existing commercial building. You must also put 50% down. Rates are available between 9 and 12% with terms of 1/3/5/7 years. There are no upfront fees or site visit fees, unlike many other commercial investors, but you may need to pay for the appraisal and commercial insurance. In addition to your request, you will also need to provide photos of the property, copy of all leases, 12 months of bank statements, a copy of your survey, purchase contract, and articles of incorporation if applicable, property tax information, a business or client reference, any outstanding liens, and any other information requested. If you have all the correct documentation, it is possible to close on the commercial loan within two weeks.

If you have limited income, bad credit, are self-employed, or show a loss on your income taxes, a commercial loan through Shop Commercial Mortgage might be a good option for you. We have over 150 years of experience, and pride ourselves in our honesty and customer service. Call us today for a free quote and consultation for a commercial loan at 813-51-5210, or fill out our form online. We serve all of Tallahassee, Tampa, and the surrounding Florida areas!

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"I just closed a commercial loan in St. Petersburg. A 16 unit apartment complex for $100,000 at 11.5% interest. It was a free and clear equity driven low documentation refi with no appraisal so it closed fast!"

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