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Small balance commercial properties can be an incredible investment opportunity. If you are a Florida real estate investor, or you want to become a real estate investor, consider getting involved with small balance commercial properties. To learn more about this investment opportunity and how Shop Commercial Mortgage can help you get involved, keep reading.

A small balance property can be a multi-family property with five or move living areas. Four or less living areas is considered residential, so it may be possible that you are already investing in multi-family units. If this is the case, it’s not too late to work with Shop Commercial Mortgage. We can help you establish yourself in small balance property investing.

Small balance commercial properties are small properties designed specifically for commercial businesses. Some examples of small balance commercial properties include mobile home parks, storage facilities, office parks, retail shops, mixed use buildings, restaurants, and light industrial spaces.

Small balance commercial properties are easier to maintain than larger commercial properties. They are great for people who are just getting into the real estate industry. They are also great for people who are looking to branch out from residential properties.

Small balance commercial properties can provide a more consistent cash flow over time. If you are looking to get a small balance commercial loan, reach out to Shop Commercial Mortgage. Our commercial lending program can connect you to outstanding investors and opportunities. To get started, call or text us at 813-516-5210 today!

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"I just closed a commercial loan in St. Petersburg. A 16 unit apartment complex for $100,000 at 11.5% interest. It was a free and clear equity driven low documentation refi with no appraisal so it closed fast!"

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