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At AHL we pride ourselves on being a leader in offering the largest and best selection of commercial loan programs in Florida and Nationwide. The market for Alt – A Commercial Investing has grown as 90% of all commercial borrowers are self-employed. As the banks have gotten tighter on their underwriting guidelines on commercial loans they have purged their balances sheets of many under preforming commercial loans. What has happened is that we have a huge pool of good commercial borrowers who might not be able to show their income, prove their income on their tax returns because they depreciate everything to get tax breaks.

So our Investing platform and our network of Florida and Nationwide Hard and Subprime Loan Programs gives the commercial applicant and borrower the chance to refinance his existing commercial property or purchase a new commercial property. We cater to Nationwide and Florida Mortgage Investors, Loan Officers, Realtors, Direct Commercial Clients, and Investor who need commercial finances for the following reasons.

1. To Purchase a New Commercial Property.

2. The can’t show any income

3. To purchase more inventory so they can expand their business or new product line

4. Consolidate Debt

5. Pay off any IRS or back commercial property tax liens

6. Pay off collections, judgments

7. Expand their current commercial building.

8. They can get a loan at the bank and time is of the essence and the borrower needs to leverage his equity to close fast in less than 14 days. As commercial hard money and private money investors we can offer and move quickly by reducing the underwriting time of a bank which is on average anywhere from 60 to 90 days and they still may tell the borrower no at the end of the process.

We will place a 1st Mortgage on the commercial property assuming you have equity so we are an equity driven asset-based commercial loan, mortgage, financing company. So if you have a 1 million dollar apartment complex and you need to borrow 200,000 fast without a lot of bank hassles our investors will place a first mortgage on your apartment building for 200,000. The rates will vary anywhere from 8% to 12.9955. Another example is if you own a strip center its estimated value is 2 million dollars and you’re looking to purchase another commercial property. You apply with our company and you need to close in 21 days or less and you’re using the equity in the strip to obtain a loan of 400,000 our investors will place a first mortgage of 400.000 and the rates again will vary 85 to 12.995 no upfront fees and the terms can vary 3/5/7/10 year loan. This is a quick, fast, easy, no bank hassle commercial loan application process. Our Investing platform is designed to react quickly to the urgent financing needs of borrowers so they can react and capitalize on opportunities n the marketplace. Banks will not let you do this borrow sorry.

Commercial Loan Programs Offered at A H L Hard Money Resources Florida and Nationwide:

Loan Amounts 50k to 10 Million

Rates: 8% to 12.99%

Loan Type: Cashout Refinance/Equity Driven/Based on the Equity in your commercial building with land ideally free n clear commercial properties : Hotels, motels, apartments, strip plazas, office buildings, restaurants, warehouse, office condos, retail stores, golf course, gas stations, self storage, office condos, specialty offices/retail/ some commercial land and industrial loans case by case. Mixed use and multi-family.

Documentation Types Lite, Stated, Full Doc

Ltv: 50% to 65%

First Mortgage: We will secure the 1st Mortgage against your free and clear commercial buildings. We will not take second mortgage position.

Loan Purpose: Cash out Refinance

Appraisal: Yes an appraisal will be needed on all properties. You will pay the appraiser directly. No upfront or due diligence fees ever. The loan is based on the equity in your property.

Private Investors Can Make : 2 points

Investing Area: Florida , California, New York, Orlando, Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, All the major metro areas and Florida Naples, Ft. Myers, Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Sarasota, Brandon, Clearwater, St Petersburg, Panama City, Boca, Daytona , Texas, Seattle, Boston.

Income Sources: We will use alternative sources of income such as bank statements personal and business, leases, rent rolls, net 30, net 60 accounts, billing statements, profit and loss statements, even if you income taxes show a lost, if you a commercial property in good shape we will find a way to make the deal work.

Types of Commercial Loans We will Consider:

Commercial Loan Florida and Nationwide: Ltvs to 55% based on the value of your commercial building and the land. All property types considered. Short underwriting time loans may close in 7 to 14 days.

Bridge Loan Commercial Loan Florida and Nationwide Ltvs 55% to 65% Short term financing while the client is waiting to get their loan term financing in place Easy underwriting based on equity close in 7 to 14 days.

Alt-A Commercial Loan Florida and Nationwide: Ltvs to 70% Clients have better credit usually 650 and above and rates offered by our investors or better 6% to 9% and closing times due to more documentation needed would be 21 to 30 days.

Commercial Florida Bank Conforming Loan Florida and Nationwide: Banks Loans that we do offer rates 5% to 7.75% Much better rates and terms, however, this would be the longest underwriting process with a closing times taking up to 45 days and underwriting would be more intense and the guidelines tougher and making sure the business is profitable.




Strip Centers

Office Complex

Mixed Use

Multi Family



Investor Blanket Loans

Golf Course


Self Storage

Health Clubs

Grocery Stores

Office Condos

Condo Tels

Parking Lots

Car wash/car lots/



How to Apply for a Florida and Nationwide Commercial Hard Money, Private Money and Subprime Loan

1. Submit a one-page executive summary outlining your business and what your need the cash out or purchase request for.

2. Submit pictures on your commercial property

3. Submit profit and loss statement/rent rolls/2 years of tax returns even if they show a loss

4. Submit a copy of your commercial purchase contract

5. Submit a copy of you LLC, or articles of incorporation

6. Submit a copy of your survey if you have one on the commercial property

7. Submit a copy of your Franchise agreement

8. You will sign our RESPA documents and once we issue a commitment usually with 48 to 72 hours, we will order the appraisal and the title

9. Underwriting may ask for other items in the process

10. Final Financial Privilege and review by clients of the loan terms.

11. Loans are setup for closing usually 8 to 21 days start to finish.

When you need to apply for an equity based, the assets-based commercial loan we at A H L Hard Money Resources can help you get the commercial loan you need fast, easy, quick, no upfront fees and close in 8 to 21 days. Our investors will only use the equity and place a first mortgage and the underwriting guidelines or much easier than the traditional banks. We will never charge a due diligence fees. We feel that your property is all we need and we only get paid when the loan closes. The only fee you will encounter is the appraisal fee and you will pay him directly. We appreciate your time and thanks for reading about our Florida and Nationwide commercial loan programs.

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"I just closed a commercial loan in St. Petersburg. A 16 unit apartment complex for $100,000 at 11.5% interest. It was a free and clear equity driven low documentation refi with no appraisal so it closed fast!"

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