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We are serving private money, bridge loans, and FL commercial Loans in Tampa, Orlando and the Fort Lauderdale surrounding areas. We are looking for commercial properties equity driven, for self-employed borrowers who have credit issues and can’t show all their income. Typically, when Commercial Real Estate is mentioned people tend to only think about the obvious shopping centers, warehouses or office buildings but the commercial real estate industry is more precise when defining the several different property types.

There are Office properties broken down into groups based on class A, B or C. Class A buildings are considered the best of the best in terms of location and construction. Class B buildings may have great construction but are located in undesirable locations. Class C would be everything else. Then you have the Central business District properties that are located in the heart of a city consisting mostly of high-rise buildings. Last, midrise. Office parks and or campus-like structured buildings.

Industrial types of properties would include properties that produce heavy manufacturing, light assembly such as storage and office spaces. Flexible warehouse properties that are typically an industrial property with a mix of industrial and office space. Bulk warehouses which tend to be larger properties used for distribution of products with easy access for trucks entering and exiting.

Retail spaces will be just that. A strip center which may or may not include an anchor tenant. Anchor tenants serve to draw customers into the property such as Wal-Mart or Publix. Strip centers will typically have several different retail stores within the building. A community Retail Center would consist of a grocery store, drug store and restaurants. A power center would have several big box retailers such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Home Depot etc. A regional mall would consist of several anchor tenants or big box retailers. An out parcel retail property would be land set aside for an individual tenant such as a bank.

Multifamily commercial properties include garden apartments with 3-4 stories, average 50-400 units and no elevators, midrise apartments with 5-9 stories, between 30-110 units with elevators, and high-rise apartments having 100 or more units and professionally managed.Hotel commercial properties will be any type of full service hotel, limited service hotels which are smaller with less amenities, and extended stay hotels which are designed for guests staying a week or longer.

Any type of land such as greenfield land like a farm or pasture, infill land located in a city and brownfield land, land previously used for industrial or commercial purposes but available for re-use will fall under commercial properties.

Additional types of commercial properties would be bowling alleys, theme parks, marinas, car washes, For a free commercial quote and consult call Shop Commercial Mortgage today, 813-516-5210.

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"I just closed a commercial loan in St. Petersburg. A 16 unit apartment complex for $100,000 at 11.5% interest. It was a free and clear equity driven low documentation refi with no appraisal so it closed fast!"

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